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Associated Press On The Verge Of Major Socialism Victory

The Associated Press headlines at have gotten progressively joyous and austere.

Rarely does the government, that big, clumsy, poorly regarded oaf, pull off anything short of war that touches all lives with one act, one stroke of a president's pen. Such a moment now seems near.

After a year of riotous argument, decades of failure and a century of spoiled hopes, the United States is reaching for a system of medical care that extends coverage nearly to all citizens. The change that's coming, if Sunday's tussle in the House goes President Barack Obama's way, would reshape a sixth of the economy and shatter the status quo...

To the loud foe on the right, it is a dreadful expansion of the nanny state.

To history, it is likely to be judged alongside the boldest acts of presidents and Congress in the pantheon of domestic affairs. Think of the guaranteed federal pensions of Social Security, socialized medicine for the old and poor, the civil rights remedies to inequality.

Those conservatives are just fearful! But it is a victory over spoiled hopes, shattering a spoiled economy, a bold act, the antithesis of war, touching all lives, guaranteeing civil equality for all!!

Obama couldn't have said better.

Change is coming, it now appears, but in steps, not overnight. Change is coming, it now appears, but in steps, not overnight. The major expansion of coverage to 30 million people — powered by subsidies, employer obligations...


, a mandate for most Americans to carry insurance, new places to buy it and rules barring insurance companies from turning sick people away — is four years out.

Most people? Does AP still believe it doesn't included illegal aliens? That's just silly. But wait, AP exposes more lies from those fear-mongering conservatives:

...agitating spirit of today's tea party protesters, who rolled a taped-together health care bill up the Capitol steps like toilet paper to show their disdain. "Grandma's not Shovel-Ready," said one of their signs last week, playing off a fear the aged will see their care rationed away.

Socialized healthcare is our duty!

Even so, social responsibility for medicine grew... Why the creep of government in health care? In part, because individualism isn't the entire American story. The idea of watching out for each other is also in the nation's fabric. Besides, as much as Americans hate overbearing government and higher taxes, give them a federal benefit and then just try to take it away. Today's hot potato becomes tomorrow's cherished check...

In the end, he stood for more than the incremental steps that succeeded in the past, and for less than the towering ideas that failed.

Karl Marx also preached these two lessons: implement communsim in small steps, and start with socialized medicine.

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