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Democrats Will Pass Obamacare Unconstitutionally; Associated Press Blames Republicans

GOP assails Dems on approach to health bill

(AP) "Days away from critical decisions on President Barack Obama's health care overhaul, Republicans assailed Democratic plans to push the massive legislation through the House without a direct vote."

What about the Democrat strategy are Republicans criticizing? Associated Press never says. They report that the evil Republicans threaten to make sure Democrats are "forever remembered for trying to claim they didn't vote for something they did." Boy, that's pretty evil isn't it?

Actually the Democrat trick is unconstitutional.

That's the problem. That's what this is all about, but AP never reports it. The constitution demands a direct vote on all legislation, but the Democrats are making it anonymous. AP turns it around and blames Republicans as the attackers. The issue here is the very root of democracy: voting.

AP reports that hundreds of tea partiers showed up "to meet with lawmakers." Actually it is thousands of tea partiers and no, they aren't meating with lawmakers, they are just protesting. AP naturally picks out the one sign slogan that makes them all look like religious extremists. "God heals, Obamacare steals."

AP propagates Pelosi's lie: "I believe we're going to get the votes. We're going to make this happen."

They apparently didn't hear her newest line: "I Like It Because People Don’t Have to Vote On the Senate Bill”.

AP misses Obama's newest wild lie: Obamacare decreases insurance premiums by 3000%. He's just promising anything under the sun now!

AP frets that some Democrats "defect" over the bill. Defect? So the Democrat party really is from the bottom up socialist now? AP says Democrats need to "keep reluctant supporters on board in the face of escalating attacks." And again, AP reports on the anonymous vote as if it is perfectly constitutional, saying "there's nothing unusual about the strategy, which both parties have used..."

This is truly Soviet Russia!!

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Who is John Galt? said...

Rush said today that Mark Levin will be leading a lawsuit over the unconstitutionality of the "Slaughter Solution" if the bill does pass.