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HBO Blames "Mormon Racism" For Mitt Romney Airplane Scuffle

Bill Maher on Time Warner's HBO:

"He had a recent kerfuffle with a rapper on an airplane – Mr. Sky Blu, the rapper – and, apparently, Mitt was behind him, and the guy moved his seat back, and then he said Mitt gave him a Vulcan pinch, and I just couldn’t help but think maybe this has something to do with the fact that the Mormons traditionally have not had a great relation with the black people...

No, but I’m saying Mitt Romney knew that that guy was black. That’s what I’m saying. I’m saying he’s from a church, he’s from a church, this is basically the "pope" of the church. ...

But I’m just saying if you’re a Mormon and this the "pope" of your church and he says things like this about Negro and darkies – and this is only like, I don’t know how long ago this was, 20, 30 years ago. Here’s another Joseph Fielding Smith quote. He’s talking about Cain, who was the father of an inferior race: "A curse was placed upon him, and that curse has been continued unto this lineage. These are the descendants of Cain." Black people he’s talking about. "And we hope that blessings may eventually be given to our Negro brethren, for they are our brethren notwithstanding their black covering and emblematic of eternal darkness."...

No, I’m saying the religion that he belongs to has a history of racism like we’ve never seen before.

Maher misquoted Smith. That was made in 1963, not 20 years ago. Smith was not the president, or "pope", of the church at that time. Romney and his father actually did a lot for racial rights, marching in the 60's racial protests.

Maher launches into a racist tirade himself against Koreans, African-Americans, and women. (Skip to 5:00 minutes for Maher's tirade against Mormons.)

Maher mocks Romney with a satirical Spanish version of his book titled "No Comprende" which is ironic because Romney speaks two languages fluently and that pompous idiot Bill Maher hardly speaks one.

Recently, Bill Maher wished Glenn Beck shot dead on Time Warner's propaganda channel. Viacom's MTV also blames Mormonism.

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Who is John Galt? said...

What an ignorant idiot.