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NBC: 57% Disapprove Of Obamacare, "Very Good News For Obama"


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Only 41% approve of Obama's handling of healthcare while 57% disapprove, according to NBC's poll. General Electric's propaganda channel NBC says this is actually "very good news for the president" because people are basically evenly split on the Obamacare proposal. People disapprove of Republicans' handling more.

Listen to the spin. Amazing!

When asked about the Democrat plan to pass the bill unconstutionally by avoiding an open vote, the White HOuse deflected the issue:


Who is John Galt? said...

41% to 57% is "basically even split"?!!! What planet do they live on? That is a freakin' mandate! How can the think the people will ever forgive them for doing this.

Anonymous said...

So the majority of people are against it and this is a good thing for Obama? Did I miss something? Didn't he win the presidency by a "landslide of 53%"?