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Associated Press Lie: 'Unreleased' Video Shows Murder Of 'Unarmed' Photographers By US Military

The Associated Press smeared the U.S. military to two huge lies. The media is frantic over a video, probably leaked by Reuters, that shows the U.S. military firing on what later turns out to be unarmed Reuters photographers (who were hanging out with insurgents). AP reports: "The incident has been reported before, but the video had not been released."

False. Reuters admits that the video had been shown to them:

Video of the incident from two U.S. Apache helicopters and photographs taken of the scene were shown to Reuters editors in an off-the-record briefing in Baghdad on July 25, 2007.

This leads me to believe Reuters was the source of the leak to the "collateral murder" website. Wikipedia claims they got the video "from a number of military whistleblowers."

AP reports: "A military investigation later concluded that what was thought to be an RPG was really a long-range photography lens; likewise, the camera looked like an AK-47."

False. Reuters reports that the military found weapons on the scence:

Major Shawn Turner, a spokesman for U.S. Central Command... said the military had released documents to Reuters last year in response to the FOIA request showing the presence of weapons on the scene, including AK-47 rifles and an RPG 7 grenade launcher.

Did the military conclude there were weapons there or not? The military investigation concluded:

"Bushmaster arrived and reported 11 x AIF KIA and found RPGs and RPG rounds at the site. We also witnessed a loaded RPG lying 2-3 blocks south of the engagement site that had been dropped by fleeing AIF."

The Department of Defense made it clear:

The AWT, with reasonable certainty, identified military aged males both in a location and with weapons consistent with reports of hostile acts conducted against friendly forces... Hostile intent was exhibited by armed insurgents peering around the corner of a home to monitor the movement or activitied of friendly forces...

The Associated Press flat out lied about the military report on the incident. They go on to report that children were also shot, but neglected to report that the children were in a van and thus hard to see.

Ryno via Jawa Report takes a clip from the video that clearly shows an RPG. There is no way this is a camera:

New York Times pushes the lie even further:

But the video does not show hostile action. Instead, it begins with a group of people milling around on a street, among them, according to WikiLeaks, Mr. Noor-Eldeen and Mr. Chmagh. The pilots believe them to be insurgents, and mistake Mr. Noor-Eldeen’s camera for a weapon. They aim and fire at the group, then revel in their kills.

NY Times took a crucial paragraph out of their report. Their other report admits:

The report showed pictures of what it said were machine guns and grenades found near the bodies of those killed. It also stated that the Reuters employees “made no effort to visibly display their status as press or media representatives and their familiar behavior with, and close proximity to, the armed insurgents and their furtive attempts to photograph the coalition ground forces made them appear as hostile combatants to the Apaches that engaged them.”

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