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Associated Press Omits Wasteful Global Warming Spending From NASA Criticism

Generation gap: Obama space plan angers old hands

Why can't the old timers get with Obama's new hope and change? They're just stuck in "NASA's long-ago glory days", reports AP. President Obama increased NASA's budget by $6 billion. AP falsely reports that this is all going to a more capitalist-style approach to space exploration:

NASA will spend $6 billion to encourage private companies to build their own spaceships to ferry astronauts to the International Space Station.

Actually, there is a 60% increase for $2.4 billion to global warming research, utterly useless research.

No mention of global warming studies from the Associated Press. Just a bunch of senior citizen washed up engineers fretting about Obama's cool new plans. NASA's recent studies on climate change were phony according to Congress investigatinos. No mention of that.

In fact, not much criticism in AP's report at all. You would think since that's the title of the article... AP quotes a bunch of "experts" who only praise Obama's plans. AP hypes the exciting new plans for space exploration, while people back home are losing their homes and starving from the skyrocketing (no pun intended) national debt. AP goes on to bash George Bush's previous NASA plans, which had "some serious drawbacks."

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