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MSNBC, AFP, CBS: Tea Party & Conservatives Causing McVeigh-Like’ Terrorism

MSNBC, the war-profiteering company that owns NBC, avoided paying any taxes by outsourcing. Sedition? MSNBC went on to incorrectly call the IRS plane attacker Republican, as evidence for the phony Tea Party violence.

CBS headline Could Tea Party Rhetoric Prompt Another McVeigh? Meanwhile the only violence is from liberals against conservatives, which goes completely ignored. Washington Post repeated the terrorism claim on CBS.


The United States marked the 15th anniversary of its deadliest domestic terror attack Monday amid rising political tensions and anti-government sentiment... That mistrust has given rise to the Tea Party movement, which has been criticized for the extremist sentiment displayed at rallies where some members tote guns, call for a new revolution and wave signs equating President Barack Obama with Adolph Hitler or an African witch doctor.

Thousands of Tea Party members gathered in Oklahoma City last week, shouting anti-government slogans and expressing support for a proposal to create a new state militia which would operate outside of the control of federal authorities and would be staffed by armed and uniformed volunteers.

Glenn Beck and Andrew Breitbart discuss the attack on Tea Parties:

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Anonymous said...

Apparently the left forgot that McVeigh was motivated, at least in part, by the Waco massacre. And who's fault was that? Yes, their very own Janet Reno. Oops, little detail they don't like to mention.