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New York Times repeats communist lies against Thailand's pro-democracy protesters

You would expect this from communist China's media.

The official Chinese state media Xinhua complained about pro-Democracy protesters in Thailand.

Liberal New York Times copies Xinua by calling them "anti-government" not pro-democracy demonstrators. Xinhua also calls them "red-shirt" demonstrators, exactly like New York Times. Xinhua flat-out reports that the violence and tension is "due to" the protesters.

Liberal New York Times also covers up violence by government troops. They falsely report that the government is devoted to peace and stopping the violent protesters. New York Times falsely insinuates the dead were killed by protesters, and even warns of conspiracies among police and protesters, of "half-hearted resistance to provocations by the red shirts and even of possible collaboration."

Fact is, government soldiers attacked the protesters and killed them. The Prime Minister is now intent on bringing soldiers into the city to attack and kill more protesters. Xinhua falsely reports that the protesters say there is "no other solution" other than immediately dissolving parliament. New York Times at least reports that they gave him 30 days. But New York Times still insists that this is an "ultimatum" and "intimidation" campagin, an "impasse", that protesters have spurred "overtures toward a peaceful solution."

Actually the government refused red-shirts' compromises.

New York Times also cheers the no-colors or the multi-colors that "have grown." Xinhua calls them "increasingly growing." Truth is, the multi-colors are FAIL. Their sign in the image above reads: "Red-shirt very bed very buffalo."

New York Times repeats the authoritarian, anti-democracy government's fear mongering conspiracy theories, reporting that the pro-democracy protesters "had been infiltrated by terrorists." The Prime Minister's scare tactics, and his threats to attack protesters with the military, were taken off the country's media by hackers.

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