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Associated Press Lies: Kagan Urged Clinton To Ban Partial Birth Abortion

UPDATE... Turns out Kagan helped Clinton block the partial birth abortion ban. AP reported exactly the opposite of the truth!

AP falsely reports that when it comes to abortion "Kagan has proven herself to be a moderate. As a White House adviser to Bill Clinton, Kagan urged the President to support a ban on late-term abortions, a move that put her at odds with some abortion rights groups."

AP makes these claims based on this hand-picked memo, one of very few released documents about Kagan's role in the Clinton administration. ABC News and the rest of the liberal media parrots the false claim.

Life News points out: "The legislation, which purported to ban late-term abortions, would never have prevented a single one because of a health exception similar to the one that has allowed Roe v. Wade to result in 52 million unfettered abortions...

Because of the health exception and because the bill did not apply until after viability, Johnson wrote at the time that "under the Clinton-Daschle phony ban, the 4,000 or more partial-birth abortions performed on healthy babies of healthy mothers, in the fifth and six months of pregnancy, will continue with no limitation at all."

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