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Associated Press Slowly Turns On Thai Government

The latest headline is less friendly to Thailand's authoritarian government: Thai govt rejects plea for talks, pushes crackdown. Earlier it read: Thai PM pleads for end to 2-month street protests. What a difference a few days makes!

AP- "...troops were "not using weapons to crack down on civilians," said government spokesman...

According to government figures, 59 people have died and more than 1,600 have been wounded since the Red Shirts began their protests in March. The toll includes 30 civilians killed and 232 injured since Thursday..."

The government's claim of avoiding shooting civilians is ridiculous because they also claim 30 civilians have very recently been killed, though AP insinuates that the Red Shirts are behind those deaths. AP refuses to plainly report that the Thailand is shooting unarmed protesters, or at least protesters hurling small stones and bottle rockets.

AP falsely reports that the protesters use "in some cases guns." The government claims this, but there is no video, photo, or unbiased third-person account to verify this. This is proof that AP simply parrots claims from the authoritarian Thai government. AP actually defends the use of live ammunition on civilians, saying it is necessary "to keep the attackers at bay."

The government violated international law when they "shut off power, water and food supplies to the core protest site." But AP reports it as simply part of the government's strategy to stop "all groups using weapons to threaten security forces." Thailand violated international law when they shot an unarmed top army general as he chatted with reporters. AP earlier reported that the general "openly joined the Red Shirts and is regarded as one of their chief advisers on military matters, having helped construct the barricades around their downtown encampment." AP now only briefly reports at the end of the article that "a sniper shot and seriously wounded a Red Shirt leader, a former army general who was their military strategist."

As for resolution to the conflict, AP reports "hopes were dashed after Red Shirt leaders made more demands." AP earlier reported " hopes ... were dashed when two attacks Friday night killed two policemen and wounded 13 people." Did they kill them with their slingshots? I would say this report was a flat out lie, repeated word for word from the Thai government.

Troops are only targeting "terrorists" says the non-elected PM, reports AP. But AP earlier reported "He described those instigating violence to undermine peace efforts as "terrorists." That would be anyone protesting.

Back in 2008, AP reported that the ruling government elite want Thailand to "return to its past policies" which means they want to "eliminate the one-person, one-vote system."


TVNZ reported that this "coalition of royalist businessmen, activists and academics," in other words elitists, hated the Thaksin because of his support from "the poor rural and urban majority."

It's an open secret that these opponents of democracy have "support within the powerful Thai monarchy, perhaps from Queen Sirikit, who has been notable for expressing sympathy for PAD members." AP would never ever report this. In fact, AP has been reporting that the king "has no formal political power".

This revolution is a revolution against the king. While AP pretends to be clueless about why the king won't mediate, it is obvious to those who pay attention that this protest happened now because the king is on his deathbed and he is the number one enemy of democracy.

The local media is part of the elite. They defended the PM with this ridiculous headline: Abhisit stands up to protest. Hundreds of bloggers were given lengthly jail sentences for reporting the king's deteriating health. One blogger got 10 years for altering a photo of the king, a photo that was never found. Thousands of websites are blocked in the country. Leaked video of the princess topless at a lavish birthday party was suppressed.

Why is AP only now turning against the Thai elitist, authoritarian government? They tell us with the same sentence in each of their reports. Don't you get it by now??

"Thailand is a key U.S. ally and Southeast Asia's second-largest economy."

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