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BBC Lies: '100,000' Protest Arizona's Immigration Law

The British Broadcast Corporation apparently isn't very good at listening to American police chiefs. BBC reports top headline that "in Los Angeles, police estimated 100,000 people had joined a march."

Police expected 100,000 to show up but Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck estimated that about 50,000 immigration rights activists actually came. "These are educated guesses. We were unable to tell what the event in Arizona would do, so we estimated."

The Associated Press quoted the figure correctly but didn't mention that it was half the expected amount. AP did report, however, that Chicago's turnout was about a third the expected number.

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Anonymous said...

The bbc are on the back foot and would love to attack Labour for letting them down.
But they are institutional cowards and will continue to be the government's propaganda machine while joining the Gruniard in supporting LibDems and attacking Tory, UKIP, and BNP.