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NBC Ignores Journalists Killed In Thailand As Army Crushes Protests, Set To Execute Prisoners

At least 12 people were killed as the Thai army stormed the Red Shirt protest zone. An Italian journalist was among those killed by the military blitz, and a Canadian journalist and UK journalist was among those wounded. The military shoots anyone who appears to be a protester.

AP reports: "Rioters also turned their rage on the local media, which has been accused of pro-government coverage." But Z-News reports: "Local television channels, under government orders, were showing only approved programs". Gee, that might be why they would accuse them of pro-government coverage?

Video shows the army busting through the barricade and shooting at anything that moves. NBC insists on blaming the pro-democracy protesters, however, with unfounded claims:

Soldiers have met fierce resistance from protestors, dodging gunfire, grenades, even a sniper in nearby building. Witnesses say at least 12 people have died in the crossfire.

AP likewise reports "bullets flew and several grenades exploded near the soldiers." But no video, no photographs, nothing proves this. Photos show wounded soldiers but no proof of deadly violence from Red Shirts. Videos show the opposite: Thai soldiers killing civilians. Nine more bodies of shot protesters were found in a temple.

NBC now complains that Red Shirt "followers are still lashing out, setting buildings on fire" as the "army is still trying to clean the city." Those pesky poor people! Clean the city!

Bangkok is now in utter chaos. AP reports "captured arsonists and "terrorists" could face capital punishment." The government defines "terrorist" as "those instigating violence to undermine peace efforts" according to an earlier AP report.

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