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Video: Subliminal Messages In Disney Movies?

Most know about the phallic symbol on Little Mermaid's cover, the priest's very inappropriate gesture during the marriage ceremony in Little Mermaid, and Alladin saying, "Good teenagers take off your clothes" on Jasmine's balcony. Last time I watched Little Mermaid I noticed both male and female symbols through-out the movie. A nude female figure can be seen clearly in The Rescuers and in the Hellfire scene in Hunchback of Notre Dame.

The word "sex" is clear in 3 places in Lion King, and has since been removed from videos sold of the movie: as Simba licks the water just before Do You Feel the Love Tonight, in the clouds as Mufasa manifests to Simba, and in the pollen in the wind.

Here's a guy on youtube who sees "sex" all over Disney movies, and more. Or is he just reading way way into nothing? (Warning! Vulgar and Sexual content):

Lion King:

Beauty and the Beast:


Hunchback of Notre Dame:

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