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Associated Press Admits Oil Disaster Cost Obama 'Time And Focus'... But What About Approval Ratings?

Obama has sunk to a new low approval rating, Rasmussen showing a 58% disapproval rating yesterday, on the heels of Obama's ridiculous speech and horrendous handling of the oil disaster.

AP, top headline at Yahoo, seemed not to notice as they cheered Obama's failed speech and handing over billions of tax money to BP (with the carefully planned "I care" photo-op):

"He framed his Oval Office address and BP's creation of a $20 billion compensation fund as a turning point when the public regained confidence in Obama's response to an environmental disaster whose negative political effects are spreading along with the gushing crude.

The crisis has cost Obama dearly, in time and focus. He'd rather devote his time to push for passage of jobs legislation, put in place his new health care plan, develop an energy package, tend to two wars and deal with other priorities."...

The president, who began his week on the Gulf's beaches, ended it at a government-financed road project in Ohio, putting his focus squarely on jobs and the economy.

The administration is calling this "Recovery Summer."

It has been 'recovery summer' ever since Obama took office! Where's the recovery? An ignored oil spill?? (Oil disaster)

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