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Associated Press Lies, Spins Kagan's Defense Of Partial Birth Abortion As 'Pragmatic'

AP falsely reports that Obama's Supreme Court nominee defended Bill Clinton's veto of "late-term abortions." Actually it was of "partial-birth abortions," which CNN described in 1988:

...described by its critics as a "partial birth abortion"... The procedure involves the partial, feet-first delivery of a fetus and the draining of its skull contents."

AP falsely insists, quoting Elena Kagan herself, that there are medical exception that make this procedure necessary:

"On the late-term abortion bill, "I support an exception that takes effect only when a woman faces real, serious health consequences," Kagan handwrote..."

There is no case that makes partial birth abortion a necessity. In 2004, polls showed 84% think partial birth abortions should be illegal, when the pregnancy is past 6 months. 84%! So obviously Kagan is radical and extreme in her views on this. Not according to AP:

"That position angered both abortion rights proponents and foes. But it was typical of a pragmatic streak in Kagan, President Barack Hussein Obama's choice... It was an example of the middle course Kagan was struggling to steer."

How is this typical of a middle course??

Back in the Clinton era, SF Chronicle called it a "bitter battle", a topic of "public revulsion" reported NYT. More at Newsbusters...

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