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Associated Press Whines About Israel Releasing Reporters' 'Flotilla' Video

Top headline at liberal Yahoo, AP quotes the anti-Israel Foreign Press Association to condemn Israel for publishing allegedly confiscated video from reporters about the 'humanitarian' flotilla that attempted to illegally land at Gaza.

Recently, AP praised the release of confidential video from the U.S. military which they falsely reported showed the murder of 'unarmed' photographers. The video clearly showed that the group was actually armed with RPGs.

Reporters leak videos all the time, but now AP is angry when a government does it? AP reports the ship had "set sail for Gaza with 10,000 tons of aid" but fails to report the huge stockpile of weapons found in the cargo. AP fails to report violence from the 'activists', reporting only that this is Israels allegations yet the video clearly backs it up, and AP ignores their terrorist connections.

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