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CNN Dedicates Repeated Segments To Gay Teen Who 'Suffers In Silence'

She will meet with Obama and is the grand martial at the national gay pride parade. There are over 1 million websites mentioning her name, with one pro-gay media report after another.

As you recall, Constance McMillen got her school's prom canceled after the ACLU threatened to sue because she couldn't bring her lesbian lover. Then she tried to force the school to hold a special dance that she could attend.

The liberal media has been sobbing over this story, giving her interview after interview, but CNN says she should give advice to 'other teens who are suffering in silence'. CNN lamented that "graduation day, normally a happy day for a lot of us- it was pretty tearful for you."

CNN gave a previous tearful report for the poor, victimized lesbian, and another report last Tuesday that explored how she is finding solace in the midst of her awful plights.

This is all in CNN's run-up to their monumental pro-gay documentary promoting gay adoption of children. CNN admits that "Gary and Tony Have a Baby" is completely one-sided and promotional of gay "rights" to adopt children: "we don't go out and solicit opinions from those against gay parents."


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