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Hillary Clinton: Government Should Encourage Teens To Be Homosexual


“We’ve come such a far distance in our own country, but there are still so many who need the outreach, need the mentoring, need the support to stand up and be who they are and then think about people in so many countries where it just seems impossible.

So I think that each and everyone of you, not only professionally, particularly from State and USAID and every bureau and every embassy and every part of our government have to do what you can to create that safe space, but also personally, to really look for those who might need a helping hand; particularly young people; particularly teenagers who still today have such a difficult time.

And who, still in numbers far beyond what should ever happen, take their own life rather than live that life... So I would ask you to please think of ways you can be there for everyone who is making this journey. To defend not only human rights globally, but to truly defend themselves and their rights...

So here at the State Department we will continue to advance a comprehensive human rights agenda that includes the elimination of violence and discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

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