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Media Trivializes Serious Russian Spy Scandal With Sexy Photos

Obama knew before meeting with Medvedev, and then tried to cover it up.

Who is helping cover it up? Associated Press, MSNBC, CBS, New York Post, Fox News, Village Voice, ABC News, Chicago Tribune, Washington Post, The Guardian, AOL News, The Globe and Mail, The Telegraph, these are just some of the liberal media that turned this explosive case into a trivial "James Bond Girl" story by singling out the sexiest photos of the accused Anna Chapman (which were copyrighted btw).

The Hillary Clinton link is just one more part of the story ignored, as the media tries desperately to hook an audience with the images and references to James Bond.

Very recently, the genius Cyprus police released a Russian spy wanted by the USA on bail, who promptly fled the country.

Obama has made it clear this wide-spread espionage will not damage American-Russian relations. The Russian government media is doing their best to spin this as an attack by the media on Obama rather than a spy-ring scandal by Russia.

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