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Mormon-Bashing Pro-Gay Marriage Film Praised By NYT, Boston Globe, LA Times, SLT

Boston Globe: "“It’s so one-sided you hardly care after a while that the side it’s on is so clearly the right one."

New York Times: "...shows the depth of religion-based loathing of homosexuality, like that of abortion, to be primal. In the meantime the struggle to repeal Proposition 8 is under way." (Unless we are talking about Islam's stoning homosexuals.)

Los Angeles Times: "straightforward presentation... outstanding... The words of the church’s leaders and its activists could scarcely be more homophobic.”

Salt Lake Tribune: "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has gone into attack-the-messenger mode regarding Reed Cowan's documentary... Cowan and co-director Steven Greenstreet... have command of their facts... he has no trouble finding homophobia among Utah's political leadership. 8: The Mormon Proposition" becomes a vital, important cry for an open dialogue."

via newsbusters.

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