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Protesters Arrested & Searched At Bilderberg Protest In Spain

Heating up a rising conspiracy theory, the Bilderberg Group meets annually to... well no one knows what they do. But last year Hillary and Obama and other world leaders were there. Alex Jones claims they want to create a world carbon tax, air strikes against Iran, save the Euro, and padded oil prices.

European journalists actually showed up at this years meeting, and dozens of crazed protesters, who were detained and searched by police. Attendees entered through a secret underground entrance.

Attendees include U.S.A's National Security Director, Senior for Council on Foreign Relations, members of the American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research, The Washington Post CEO, Coca-Cola Company CEO, Microsoft's Chief Strategy Officer, former chairman of Chase Bank, director of the Center for International Cooperation, director of the UN World Food Programme, the Deputy Secretary of State, Chairman of the Economic Recovery Advisory Board, and top leaders of foreign countries.

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