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Reporters Arrested For Filming Gulf Oil Disaster

Analysis: Media Blackout in the Gulf?

Epoch Times- "“What's happening is there's a complete media blackout,” Fox stated to Veritas host Mel Fabregas, adding that security staff “are arresting people with cameras. ... I was told off-camera that if they're [local workers] caught talking to people, they are going to go to jail."

Fox stated that the locals he met were afraid to talk, and were suspicious of him. He also stated that he did not make it to the beaches of Grand Isle, as he saw police cars pulling over vehicles, and was told that people with cameras were being stopped and arrested.

Fox also has posted on the Internet an audio of a discussion with a Shell Oil pilot, who revealed that Homeland Security and the military were enforcing a no-fly zone over the oil leak area itself.

In a follow up interview with Fox on June 13, Fabregas revealed that he had information BP was spraying the toxic dispersant Corexit “close, or over populated areas in the cover of the night.”

He added that the purpose behind the usage of these dispersants was “to send it [oil spill] to the bottom of the ocean floor, so we cannot see it.”"

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