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Associated Press Repeats NAACP's Baseless Claim Of Tea Party Racism

AP naturally propagated the racist NAACP's cry for attention, by repeating their baseless accusations of racism from conservatives.

The group seeks the "Advancement of Colored People," which itself is racist, yet their politically-motivated resolution against the Tea Party fails to provide any substantial incidents of racism. Their claims Tea Parties "welcoming of white supremacists" are totally without merit. AP mentions the claim that Tea Partiers yelled racial slurs and spat at Black lawmakers, but this story has been disproven time and time again. Then, as now, they falsely cried racism in order to get attention.

? The Associated Press failed to present any side of the story from Tea Party leaders, only giving quotes from liberals. They have since updated their report with a quote from Sarah Palin.

AP has failed to address the Black Panther story that has erupted. Obama caused a black-supremacist Black Panther group get get away with voter intimidation. Boy, why would that happen? Why would AP ignore that?

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