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Boston Globe Renews Bigotry Against Mitt Romney's Religion

It worked last time after all. Let's keep pushing religious bigotry!

Faith still sticky issue as Romney mulls run

Boston Globe- "If Romney decides to run, as many expect, the evolving view about his faith has serious implications for his strategy in the first caucus state of Iowa, where evangelical conservatives are particularly influential...

“The hardest thing to do in a campaign is to decide where you’re not getting votes,’’ said Edward D. Failor, Jr., Iowans for Tax Relief president and an influential conservative activist in the state. “That’s X percent of caucus-going folks — fundamentalist Christian conservative folks — who aren’t ever going to get past the Mormon thing.’’

Edward Failor is 82 years old, first of all. Secondly, he is director, not president of Iowans for Tax Relief. Thirdly, how does that role make him an expert in this issue??

Boston Globe- "Religious scholars have long debated the extent to which Mormonism is compatible with traditional Christian teachings. Mormons recognize Jesus Christ as their savior, but also believe that the Book of Mormon, first published in 1830, is a lost third testament to the Bible offering new revelation.

“The question is whether a particular church-going Christian is willing to set those differences aside as irrelevant to holding the office of president, or take them quite seriously as heretical and cultish,’’ said James F. Gimpel, a University of Maryland political scientist who informally advised George W. Bush’s 2004 reelection campaign. “There are a great many evangelical Christians who would have a hard time justifying a vote for Romney under any circumstances.’’"

Do they mean James G. Gimpe? If so I don't find anything about him advising George Bush.

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