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Breaking: New Video Shows Greater Shirley Sherrod Racism

CNN and the radical liberal media have launched a full attack against Tea Parties and conservatives! Associated Press falsely reported that "it became clear that the speech in question was advocating racial reconciliation, not racism."

The original clip showed a Shirley Sherrod who committed racism that cost an elderly couple, and she learned from it. But it was still racism. And Breitbart's point still stands that the NAACP, including its president, cheered the racism before she made the point that she had learned from it.

New clips from the video show more racism in that speech. Sherrod calls Republicans racist for opposing Obama and socialized healthcare. She pushes class warfare. Notice also the Marxist undertones.

Radical CNN pushed Shirley to call for a government shutdown of Breitbart's Big Journalism, and slandered Breitbart as a man who wants slavery.

Turns out Sherrod is linked to terrorist Bill Ayers

This isn't the first time she stirred up race controversy. She won millions in a lawsuit against the government.

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