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CNN Calls Black Tea Partiers 'Jewish Concentration Camp Guards'

A new low on the racist radical liberal CNN:

A few key lines here: "We see a large range of people who have a deep animus toward the president and also toward African- American people. There are all these narratives about black laziness, about black angst, about black anger, about black being all undeserving... That's a dangerous moment to be in."

"I think it is unpatriotic. If you look up on the web, do a web search for tea party bumper stickers. You'll see a whole list of things that are just really objectionable... I think tea party people are unpatriotic, short sighted and selfish. It is a pattern here."

"I wouldn't want to be associated with any of that language. If you are associated with it, it says something about you."

"They would say they are the victims of the liberal media bias that takes the three or four crazies in the tea party movement and dangles them in front of the camera. But we know that that's simply not true. I've been to many tea party rallies where I fear language like "lynch the president," "beat up the president," "shoot the president.""

"You need to reject and outcast them. If you do not do that, you run the risk and you deserve to be labeled as an organization that doesn't mind having racists in it. That makes the organization racist."

"I think you are looking at a group of people who are cultivating power and cultivating an audience with a direct message. And the message isn't very savory as far as I'm concerned. These are people leveraging racism. And if you look at the crowds, you look on Youtube [hypocrisy much?], the people against government health care, most of them are on social security and Medicare, if you look at the crowds... They didn't get to power with any message of any kind other than being anti-Obama and being anti-black Obama."

"There are African-American members of the tea party. There were Jewish concentration guard camps. Weren't there? I mean, there were capos."

via newsbusters

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