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7/17/10 Smears Romney Unfairly: 'He failed to speak out against Obamacare'

The Sarah Palin propaganda blog Hot Air threw out an unprecedented piece of lies against Mitt Romney.

This childish and incoherent nonsense does a lot more damage to Mitt Romney than Sarah Palin.... The contenders for the GOP nomination will need to take some shots at each other, but they need to do it without questioning the very humanity of prospective candidates who haven’t even declared yet....

We certainly do need some serious people to apply for the Oval Office job that will be opening in 2013. Mitt Romney disqualified himself when he failed to speak out against ObamaCare. Next, please.... This post was promoted from GreenRoom to

Yes, Ed Morrissey, Michelle Malkin, and the other top conservative bloggers actually promoted this article. Yet, just days ago they admitted that Romney repudiated those anonymous remarks and praised Palin. How do they know those remarks even came out of Romney's camp? Maybe they came from a Palin subverter?

Mit Romney- "Anonymous numbskulls. She’s proven her smarts; they’ve disproven theirs."

Isn't that pretty much what Hotair author Doctor Zero said? Yes, Hotair repeated Romney's own line against him! Wow. Can't even come up with original talking points. HotAir was so gleeful about the mud-slinging that they promoted Doctor Zero's new book and website.

Also, Romney actually led the attack against Obamacare.

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