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7/19/10 Continues Ridiculous Attack On Mitt Romney

Yesterday, Hot Air lied about Romney in a disgusting hissy fit, falsely claiming he supported ObamaCare. The pro-Palin wing is going all out to smear the man, outraged about some anonymous person, claiming to be a Romney adviser, told someone that Palin isn't a serious person.

The drama!

Now's Allahpundit repeats radical liberal's deeply ridiculous line: Does Mitt Romney have a problem with women candidates? Shades of Obama playing the racism card...

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PolticalJunkie2008 said...

The facts are basically irrefutable. I’m getting REALLY sick of the left playing the politics of division and trying to tear conservatives apart. Mitt and Sarah have both been relatively close and certainly cordial for years now. No matter which one of them wins the nomination in 2012, I have no doubt that the other will do whatever they can to help the other become president. We’re all on the same team and both camps of supporters need to remember that!

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