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Jimmy Kimmel Heckled After ABC's Violent Thuggery Against Pro-Life Children

So here's what happened. A pro-life group called Face the Truth held a picket outside the Chinese Theater in Hollywood. ABC's Jimmy Kimbel shows up with his crew and wants to do some stunt for the show. The prolifers refused to move, so ABC's crew pointed hot spotlights on the under 18 teenagers, burning them.

They still didn't move, so ABC called the police and had them arrested. (This is California we are talking about, the police work for big corporations, not the people.) The police didn't touch the film crew who assaulted the peaceful protesters, nor did they bring forth any charges in the wrongful arrests.

Outraged by the snobbery of these liberal big-shot elitists, the group turned their protest on funny-man Kimbel. Here's the scene outside his studios:

Some got in and heckled Kimbel as he interviewed Dakota Fanning. The video was edited out as security took them out:

ABC is owned by Disney.


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