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Associated Press Lies: Mosque Not At 'Ground Zero'

AP claims Ground Zero has 'evolved' its boundaries.

AP- "Andrew Slawsky, 22, stood outside the proposed mosque and Islamic center two blocks north of the World Trade Center site. He said ground zero isn't here. "To me, ground zero is any site that was destroyed or damaged on 9/11 — mostly the hole in the ground," Slawsky said, referring to the ruins of the trade center towers."

Actually, this site was damaged on 9/11. The landing gear and part of the fuselage of Flight 175 crashed through its roof. But AP persists with the lie:

AP- "The evolving boundaries of ground zero have informed — or misinformed — the debate about its proximity to the planned Park51 community center... It became synonymous with the World Trade Center site as the debris field left by the attacks — body parts and airplane debris on rooftops and office papers that flew to Brooklyn and New Jersey — got smaller. Since the first months after the attacks, the 16-acre site has been fenced-off and mostly covered."

Wait... the crater of the WTC site has been covered all this time??? You serious?

AP banned the phrase "ground zero mosque" and made their lie that another mosque is only 5 blocks away a standard for all reports.

1 comment:

trencherbone said...

As soon as they move into Dar al-Harb (the lands of the infidel) in any numbers, Muslims think they have a God-given right to dominate public space and intimidate the infidels into submission.

Mosques are of course notorious examples of this ( see Mosque Blight - ) but their swaggering, aggressive arrogance and sense of preferential entitlement make them obnoxious to the kuffar inhabitants in many other ways.

The triumphalist Ground Zero Victory Mosque is just the latest example of a process that has been going on for years in Europe, and centuries in lands conquered by Islam: