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All Associated Press Reports To Follow 'Fact Check' Lie, Avoid Phrase 'Ground Zero Mosque'

Today AP issued an advisory of standards on all reports regarding the ground zero mosque, ordering all its reporters to consider the false suggestion that a mosque stands 5 blocks from ground zero. AP is rewriting history here, ordering all journalists to fall in line. The truth is that the mosque five blocks away was evicted years ago and has moved into a small rental nearby for prayer services.

AP went on to order all reporters to 'avoid the phrase "ground zero mosque" or "mosque at ground zero" on all platforms.' Why? Because the "nearness of the mosque to the WTC site is, of course, at the root of the whole controversy" AP admits. AP says they are in the process of scrubbing all past articles to say "NYC mosque" to avoid the impression that the mosque is at the site of the WTC terrorist attack.

The so-called Fact Check that is now being used as AP's standard in all Ground Zero Mosque stories is riddled with errors as I showed earlier.

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