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Associated Press Praises Psycho Flight Attendant : 'Worker's Liberation'

Flight attendant's grand exit is a dream for some

It is demented how the media is praising this lunatic. AP was over the top:

Hasn't everyone thought about doing it?

When the cubicle started to feel more like a prison than a calling? When the bossiest boss had a smile that was just too smug? When the piddling wage seemed not to be worth the aggravation?

Defying the rules, telling people off and walking off a job isn't usually a launching pad for public acclaim and admiration. But few have fulfilled that particular working man's fantasy in such grand fashion as JetBlue flight attendant Steven Slater, who left his job via the plane's emergency chute, beer in hand.

It was enough to set America's heart aflutter.

Slater's sudden exit has rekindled memories of workers' liberation - and sparked wistful excitement among workers who have long fantasized of choosing pride over pay.

The man screamed hateful profanities over the loudspeaker, grabbed a few beers, and pulled open the emergency shoot to run away. What a hero!! Is this healthy in an economic depression to praise violently disgruntled workers?

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