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Associated Press Threatens More Terrorism If We Don't Support Ground Zero Mosque

AP's strongest endorsement of the Ground Zero victory mosque yet. Let's start with the flat-out lies:

AP- "...a summer remembered not for its reasoned debate, but for epithets, smears, even violence?... This past week in New York, a Muslim cab driver had his face and throat slashed in a suspected hate crime. "

If AP is talking about epithets from mosque supporters, not opposition, they are correct. But Muslim cabdriver story is completely incorrect. As we all know that guy heavily supported the mosque. It had nothing to do with the mosque or Muslim hate. Typical liberal media lie.

Will young Muslims conclude they are second-class citizens in the U.S. now and always?

What is this, gay marriage??

"They're already struggling to balance, `I'm American, I'm Muslim,' and their ethnic heritage. It's very disconcerting," said Zulfiqar, 32, who worked for former U.S. Sen. Max Cleland, a Georgia Democrat, and now serves Penn's campus ministry. "A controversy like this can make them radical..."

We had better support this so Muslims don't become radical! Nice plug for the "tolerant" Democrats btw.

Jon Stewart nightly mocks the bigotry that the protest unleashed

The greatest authority on all subjects, Jon Stewart...

Eboo Patel... said Muslims are unfortunately experiencing what all immigrant groups endured in the U.S. before they were fully accepted as American. Brandeis University historian Jonathan D. Sarna has noted that Jews faced a similar backlash into the 1800s when they tried to build synagogues, which were once banned in New York.

Yea, yea, we are all Nazis now. Jews always had it rough ever since they flew hijacked planes into the world's greatest buildings. Just ask Jon Stewart.

American Muslim leaders say the furor has emboldened opposition groups to resist new mosques around the country, at a time when there aren't enough mosques or Islamic schools to serve the community.

If there's one thing our communities need it's more mosques! They keep Muslims moderate.

Rhetoric from some politicians that lumps all Muslims with terrorists will depress the Muslim vote, analysts say.

Oh boy, that would be just terrible!

U.S. Muslims who have championed democracy and religious tolerance question what they've accomplished. If the "extremist" label can be hung on someone as apparently liberal as the imam at the center of the outcry, Feisal Abdul Rauf, then any Muslim could come under attack. Feisal supports women's rights, human rights and interfaith outreach.

Feisal didn't champion democracy, he championed Sharia law. He didn't champion human rights, he blamed America for inspiring 9/11, he said America is more dangerous than Al Qaeda. He is definitely extremist. And not just that, he is a huge tax fraud and repeated criminal. Should we move his prostitutes into the mosque? He is a liberal after all.

If all moderate Muslims are like this guy, we have a serious problem!

"The joke is on moderate Muslims," said Muqtedar Khan, a University of Delaware political scientist and author of "American Muslims, Bridging Faith and Freedom." "What's the point if you're going to be treated the same way as a radical? If I get into trouble are they going to treat me like I'm a supporter of al-Qaeda?"

This is no longer a plea, this is a threat. AP writer Rachel Zoll smeared the Catholic church often in her articles and called on the pope to resign. In January, Zoll portrayed Southern Baptists as "vicious" extremists who exclude liberals. Not very tolerant of this Associated Press writer?

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