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CBS Covers Up Prop 8 Judge's Homosexual Activism

"You mention this claim that he's openly homosexual. I'm not sure if that's, in fact, the case."

Actually, that is the case. NBC's Today Show also covered it up. Family Research Council President Tony Perkins countered CBS Face The Nation host John Dickerson's assertion that it doesn't matter if he is gay: "...had this guy been a – say, an evangelical preacher in his past, there would have been cries for him to step down from this case."

A radical on the show gave this rant: "Well, it's easy to sit around and debate and throw around opinions, appeal to people's fear and's very easy for the people who want to deprive gay and lesbian citizens of the right to vote to make all sorts of statements and campaign literature."

Right to vote? Freudian slip???
[via newsbusters]

Judge Vaughn Walker is gay and close friend to San Francisco gay politicians. Judge Walker ruled in favor of "gay rights" in previous cases.

In 2005, gay judge Walker ruled against Oakland city employees who posted fliers promoting "natural family, marriage and family values." Walker wrote in his decision that the government should push "significant interests in restricting discriminatory speech about homosexuals. . . . a duty under state law to prevent workplace discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation."

In 1999, he threw out a case against a boy whose teacher made "pro-gay comments" in the classroom (I can't find anywhere exactly what those comments were.)

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Who is John Galt? said...

So if he was Mormon and had upheld the vote of the people that wouldn't have been "relevant" either? Uh-huh...

The lady nailed it, the media has a certain outcome they want and they are manipulating the people with the way they report it. Too bad it's not working too well.