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8/16/10 Promotes Liberal Gay Marriage

Once-conservative blog Hot Air ran a headline today that heavily promotes 'gay marriage'. The linked article by The American scene claims that supporters of traditional marriage "never actually bothered to come up with a truly convincing secular argument." It claims we must rely on "intuition" to deny a "special classification or a set of state-defined benefits to a particular class of people."

When has Hot Air ever articulated an argument for gay marriage? They only claim an "inherent right to equality" that comes from nowhere.

Without ever articulating a case for gay marriage itself, this liberal blog along with Hotair, slams conservatives without ever addressing each logical argument made in support of marriage.

Yesterday, Hotair linked in their headlines to an LA Times article that also claims the US Supreme Court will sustain the tyrannical overthrow of Proposition 8 because public opinion is turning. Earlier, liberal Hot Air promoted a phony poll by CNN that falsely claimed support is rising for gay marriage. The truth is polls show enormous support for traditional marriage.

HotAir was recently acquired by evangelical Christian group Salem Communications. But Salem donated heavily to the Defense of Marriage Act... so why is HotAir liberal about this?

1 comment:

Lech Dharma said...

Gay "marriage" activists---and their "useful idiots"---do not seem to have a grasp on WHY marriage became an "insitution" to begin with (beyond any religious significance): the possible offspring resulting from sexual activity between a man and a woman.
There is meaningful moral and secular significance to one's offspring being "legitimate"(recognized by law)---which is the main historical purpose for the secular insitution of "marriage."

I've never heard of a "shotgun wedding" between 2 men...