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8/30/10 Spreads Lies: 'Bigot Starts Ground Zero Church'

Completely misses the point

Salon plays the old liberal trick of misrepresenting our arguments and then trying to show hypocrisy. Christians didn't fly planes into the world's greatest buildings at that site, so his proximity to that hallowed ground doesn't matter. If he preached against Mormons at the site of Joseph Smith's martyrdom in Missouri then I would be outraged.

He isn't even building a church there as Salon falsely claims, he is trying to raise money to do so. It's out of a hotel room. And the mosque construction is the entire issue here.

He is preaching out of a Marriot hotel, which is ironic because Marriot is owned by a Mormon and that's who he is preaching against, according to Salon. I would have no problems if Muslims prayed and preached out of hotels around ground zero.

Associated Press played the same trick in an article that falsely reported that there is a hotel only 5 blocks from Ground Zero. The group was actually booted from that mosque because they couldn't afford it and they were put in a small rented space.

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