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ABC Shills For Jan Brewer's Democrat Opponent In 'Democracy 2010' Coverage

This is just appalling. Notice the "(D) Terry Godard" right next to the "Democracy 2010" title... just after the graphic of fireworks next to a giant "Democracy." Not exactly subliminal.

Of course we get completely one-sided coverage from this local ABC News station, which hounds Arizona's governor about some beheading comment she seems to have made. Way to stick to the important issues! She said something about beheadings in the desert? Who cares? Why can't they talk about something important?

Who is ABC to butt into this debate anyway???

Let's leave the Democrat with a triumphant last word and completely ignore her important point about his support for economically terrorist unions. Some comment she made about beheadings in the desert is so, SO important!!!

Some of the recent youtube comments ridiculing her age and gender: "Is it just me, or does she look about 70 years older" .... "WOMEN CAN'T BE POLITICIANS...They let their emotions get the best of them" .... "ITS RONALD REAGAN BUT WITH NO CHARM AND NO P*NIS" .... "What a witch!" .... "Not only does she look 'old' but she sounds as if she has dementia"

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