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AFP Promotes anti-Catholic, anti-Mormon site as universal 'Christian' Search Engine

Liberal AFP's article begins with the website 'Seek and Find' which it incorrectly calls a "Christian" search engine that "filter out queries from Web users" that they don't like. The overall tone of the article is distaste for censorship by Christians.

This is blatant lie. The "Christian" search engine SeekFind doesn't "squeeze out" undesirable websites. All it does is take a list of a couple thousands sites and search for key words within that cached data. It really isn't correct to call it a universal search engine. It is not a "niche group" as AFP reports. It is a very narrow-minded, tiny organization out of Colorado that excludes most Christian groups from Christianity. Most of its search results come from its very own home site Got Questions Ministries.

One of the very first results for 'Catholic' is from its very own home site that bashes Catholics as non-Christians. It calls the Catholic church "unbiblical" and concludes that "it should be rejected."

Mormons get a worse treatment. Naturally, the "search engine" also places its own home site as one of the top results for 'Mormons.' It calls Mormonism a cult and incorrectly explains what Mormons believe. I suppose this tiny sect in Colorado is well acquainted with the definition of cult...

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