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Associated Press Double Standard For Muslims Who Proselytize at Minnesota Fair

Muslims take to Minn. State Fair to repair image

Yes, that is the headline. Recently a man was violently arrested at Alaska's state fair for opposing Obama. The liberal media didn't even notice, but if they did you can be sure he would have been called a terrorist. AtlasShrugs points to the Christians who were arrested and arraigned for passing out leaflets in a Michigan Arab International Festival recently.

AP reported the Christians committed "disorderly conduct" and asserts that "Christian proselytizing at the festival has been a matter of dispute for several years." AP said the police "isn't taking sides" but we must understand "police have to keep peace."

A completely different tone is given to the (unlicensed) Muslim missionaries by AP. It's soul food for the hungry and depraved:

Each time a new wave of people exited, the young Minneapolis residents — who hadn't eaten all day — tried to press into their hands a small, glossy card that read "Islam Explained" on one side. On the other, it had about 180 words of background on a religion whose adherents fear is being misunderstood by too many Americans as violent and depraved.

It is important to reach out to that racist, white Christian crowd!

For most fairgoers, the last thing on their mind is religion — particularly the renewed controversy over Islam in America amid tension over plans for an Islamic center and mosque a few blocks from New York City's ground zero. But volunteers with the Minnesota chapter of Islamic Circle of North America saw the mostly white, Christian fair crowd as just the type of audience that might benefit from greater understanding.

It brings something interesting to the otherwise idiotic, hillybilly event at "St. Paul"!

...hundreds of thousands of people stream onto the fairgrounds north of St. Paul to scarf highly caloric food, stare at farm animals, clamber onto carnival rides and enjoy concerts by country singers and classic rock dinosaurs.

But that didn't stop the Christian bigots!

"What are they doing here?" said Paulette... Kahlstorf elaborated that she didn't have a problem with all Muslims: "Just the radical ones." And she said she didn't mind their decision to hand out the cards, which include a toll-free number that anyone can call to request a free copy of the Quran...

The couple said they volunteered out of a desire to "do something together" for their faith... Both said their exchanges with fairgoers were mostly pleasant, though Zuleyha said one man cursed at her. Most people either decline the cards or quietly take them and keep moving.

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