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Associated Press Edits Footage to build Sympathy for Photographer Detained by Israel

AP photographer Nasser Shiyoukhi was injured during a scuffle with Israeli security forces (aka because he scuffled with security forces). AP reports:

"Israeli security forces physically scuffled with activists who pushed them and yelled at them... Shiyoukhi said he was grabbed by Israeli paramilitary border police as he tried to walk away from the confrontation. Footage from the scene showed him being pushed against a wall and having his helmet pulled off his head."

I don't know what footage AP refers too, because their footage doesn't appear to me to corroborate that. What I see is carefully clipped video of a man getting in the way of Israeli forces who are under attack and promptly put in handcuffs. Apparently he got a boo boo in the process.

From his published photos it is obvious that Nasser Shiyoukhi likes to portray Middle Eastern militants as tough guys or abused by Israelis. I'm curious what the crowd was chanting...

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