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Associated Press Falsely Implies That Embryonic Stem Cell Halt Costs Money

The Associated Press headline falsely hints that the judge's orders is costing money, while the opposite is true. It's saving tax payer money: Judge won't let stem cell money keep flowing

AP doesn't specify until half way through the article that only embryonic stem cell research was halted. We are falsely led to believe that funding for stem cell research in general was halted, that otherwise "Research eventually could lead to cures for spinal cord injuries, Parkinson's disease and other ailments."

The truth is embryonic stem cell research has led to zero innovations that adult stem cells couldn't do. There is zero evidence that this cash curb is actually hurting research.

The LA Times headline is even worse. They complain the judge dissed embryonic stem cell research. No joke!
image: euthman - flickr/cc license

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