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Associated Press Scrubs 'Muslim' & 'Terrorist' From Amsterdam Airport Arrest

AP reports on the arrest of a British man born in Somalia at Amsterdam's Airport but but fails to mention his likely Muslim origin.

AP reports that Dutch media reports he was recruited by "Somalia's most dangerous militant group, al-Shabab" but fails to mention that this is a Islamic terrorist group. Terrorism and Islam are the two main issues here yet AP doesn't mention them at all.

But it gets worse. AP removes Islamic influence from the terrorist group as they briefly recap its history. AP states: al-Shabab "claimed responsibility for suicide bombing attacks at U.N. facilities and other targets, including July attacks in Uganda's capital during the World Cup final that killed 76 people. Al-Shabab said those blasts were in retaliation for civilian deaths caused by African Union troops in the Somali capital..."

The truth is Al-Shabab controls "most of the southern and central parts of Somalia, including 'a large swath' of the capital." The group wants to control the entire capital so that it can impose "its own 'harsh' form of Sharia law." It also hates the aid the West gives Africa: "It has reportedly 'declared war on the U.N. and on Western non-governmental organizations' that distribute food aid in Somalia, killing 42 relief workers in the past two years of 2008 and 2009." The group is Muslim through and through, as an "off-shoot of the Islamic Courts Union." "The group describes itself as waging jihad against "enemies of Islam."

AP weakly reports: "Militant veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts help train al-Shabab fighters, one of the reasons the sophistication of its attacks has risen in recent months."

The truth is the leadership is mostly foreigners. The name itself means "youth" and much like Hitler's youth it recruits naive young people to kill themselves for Allah. The group also "persecuted Somalia's small Christian minority."

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