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Associated Press Uses Biased Poll Source To Promote Socialist Healthcare

Associated Press is notorious for using biased polls from the radical liberal Robert Wood Foundation to promote spreading the wealth with healthcare. AP ridiculously claimed that they are "nonpartisan."

Liberal AP does it again, reporting this regarding Obamacare: "...about four in 10 adults think the new law did not go far enough to change the health care system." And yet that's how they have to spin a biased poll from a pro-socialism organization! The truth is that the poll found 40% oppose Obamacare and only 30% approved it. If that's what we get from this poll, the public must really very strongly oppose it!

AP warned that Republicans would "find themselves in a quandary" if they stop Obamacare. Why? Because "there are more Democrats and independents than there are Republicans." Yes, AP actually reports this. Somehow they claim as fact that Independents would vote out Republicans if they oppose Obamacare... even though they overwhelmingly oppose it themselves.

The group behind this poll state as their mission:

By developing policies and programs to expand health coverage and maximize enrollment in existing coverage programs, we are working to ensure that everyone in America has stable, affordable health care coverage.

Increasing Enrollment in Coverage Programs... Supporting Private/Public Expansions. Increased coverage can be achieved by promoting expansions of coverage in the public and private sectors. This includes encouraging state and federal expansion efforts...

Maintaining Opinion Leader Support for Expanded Coverage. Because we believe that reaching the goal of affordable and stable health care will require changes in public policy, we will work to build and sustain broad-based support for change. This includes building support among opinion makers, policy-makers, grassroots advocates, the business community and the engaged public.

Conducting Research and Analysis on Factors that Affect Availability of Affordable, Stable Coverage. We are particularly interested in commissioning, conducting and disseminating innovative research and policy analysis that will reveal the fundamental barriers to achieving affordable and stable health care coverage for all, including the rapidly rising cost of care and the structural features of private health insurance markets. We are now focusing more specifically on states, and are supporting research and evaluation initiatives that will identify the effective coverage strategies that will inform state and federal action.

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