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Coverup? Airplane Caused San Francisco Fire!

Witnesses say they didn't smell gas and heard a rumbling before the explosion. CBS reports there was "early speculation that a plane had gone down". A witness told them:

It sounded like a jet almost, like just a giant roar and then the biggest boom I have ever heard in my life.

Early CBS live coverage speculated where the aircraft came from and that jet fuel was causing the large flames. Multiple witnesses say they heard the plane that caused it:

Contrast these images with a gas line explosion in Texas that showed flames clearly shooting from a gas well pipe. The flame ball widened as it sprang from the source. Here, the balls of flame come from a wide source, perhaps 60 feet across! They shoot straight up without widening.

Homes directly nearby the large flames were unaffected, yet dozens of homes on the other side were burned, which suggests to me an aircraft slamming into the ground and then skidding into the other homes. Or maybe that's just the wind.

So where is the plan wreckage?

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Anonymous said...

Actually that very witness who said he didn't smell gas also said he looked out his front window to see "fire coming out of the ground; it was like something was feeding it underground." That doesn't sound like a plane. Besides, the utility company recognized that residents had been complaining for days about the smell of gas prior to the incident.