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Daily Beast On MSNBC Faslely Smears Mitt Romney As Ignorant Of Economy

Stupidest comment of the week (skip to 1:20):

Romney's speech was all about the economy! Radical liberal Chris Matthews takes one small snippet of a clip of Romney calling Obama an abject failure, which he is, and claims this is proof that Romney is somehow taking on a new political persona??

Of course the radical liberal Daily Beast jumps on this and cheers as they claim that he should just stick to the economy, diluting the once interesting and in depth analysis by Romney into a name-calling match. Well take a look at what Romney actually said:

USA Today- "Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney... accused President Obama of "exploiting the economic crisis rather than solving it," in his speech to the Values Voter Summit.

"He used the crisis as a cover to push his liberal agenda," Romney told the crowd..."

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