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Fox News Phony Conspiracy Theory That Mormon Church Campaigns For Mitt Romney

Fair and Balanced. New Mormon Ad Campaign: Seeking to Dispel Myths Or PR for Romney '12 Run?

"Mormon leaders have launched an expansive ad campaign in some battleground states"

Let's see if the ads are in battleground states. The ads are running in nine cities, including Baton Rouge, NOT a battleground state, Rochester NOT a battleground state, and Tucson NOT a battleground state! The entire premise for the story is false. Most of the article gives the Mormon side of the story, to Fox's credit. They give a pretty reasonable explanation for the church's ad campaign:

"...the negative reaction Romney got among some groups was a rude awakening.. that likely is what caused Mormon leaders to think about what we can do about our image."

The same liberal media that spread anti-Mormon bigotry against Romney is now outraged about the ad campaign, yet the liberal media is crying with glee about prosetelyzing Muslims at the state fair for the sake of improving their image in the community.

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