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George Soros Sues To Prevent Canada's First Conservative Media

Sun TV is the new conservative news station set to come out, and already there have been resignations over a petition from radical leftist Avaaz which seeks to silence the free media. Socialist media king-pin George Soros is suing because of their expose that Soros funded the radical group.

The fascist group Avaaz doesn't want conservative media to exist in Canada, or any "American-style hate media onto our airwaves." Liberals all over Canada are in a frenzy over the political freedom that will result from this new media opportunity and they should be.

Avaaz, allegedly out of New York, falsely claims that Sun TV is run by Suncor. This lie is ironic considering Soros' lawsuit. Avaaz is allegedly associated with the radical leftist, which was founded by Soros.

image: World Economic Forum - flickr/cc license

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