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Hot Air Blog Bashes Conservative Tea Parties

Yet again reveals itself as liberal. The blog promotes policis daily: 5 Things Conservatives Should Be Wary of in the Tea Party. It urges tea partiers to stop showing a "lack of reverence for conservative leaders and organizations"... aka. don't purge the RINO establishment.

Liberal Hot Air goes on to bash the conservative effort to restore the constitution, quoting liberal Washington Post: "This fatuous infatuation with the Constitution, particularly the 10th Amendment, is clearly the work of witches, wiccans and wackos. It has nothing to do with America’s real problems and, if taken too seriously, would cause an economic and political calamity."

Hot Air repeats the radical liberal meme that conservatives "presume to claim special ownership of the founding fathers." Hot Air lectures conservatives: "Nor did Jefferson write a mission statement for the tea- partiers."

Yet Hot Air continues to bash Mitt Romney as a 'phony.' They claim that he is scared of Obama's electability, when Romney only cautions us not to get too sure of ourselves. Hot Air has a history of lying about Mitt Romney in order to tear him down.

Hypocrisy. Hot Air backstabs conservatives because Hot Air worry tea parties hurt Republican chances, so they would claim, yet they bash Romney for warning us not to be too sure of ourselves. This reveals Hot Air's mission to portray true conservatives as phonies while being phonies themselves.

Hot Air often promotes gay marriage even though 92% of Republicans oppose it, polls show. Like the rest of the phony 'conservative media' they promoted Stephen Colbert's kangaroo Congress appearance to completely cover up the very important Black Panther scandal hearings. They now backstab tea party candidates because their liberal Republican candidates got bumped out. That's all there is to it. Also, Republicans don't even want a majority. They don't want a repeat of 1994 where Clinton took the credit for all of the GOP congress achievements, so they want to keep Democrats in power so that Democrats can take the fall for a failing economy that Democrats caused. But their plan might not work out now because conservatives are rising up.

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