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Lawyer for Meg Whitman's "Illegal Alien" began the crusade against Traditional Marriage

The allegation that Whitman knowingly hired an illegal alien as a maid comes from radical liberal lawyer Gloria Allred, who has a long history of frivolously attacking anyone not liberal. Most recently she filed the first lawsuit in 2004 in California for denying a gay marriage license, which led to the Supreme Court's legislating gay marriage from the bench, the subsequent voters' amendment to the constitution, and then a gay judge's dictatorial overturning of the constitution.

Her radical legal attacks fill a long long list: She was the lawyer in a case against the Boy Scouts for excluding girls. She sued a drugstore for having a separate girls and boys toys section. She represented a lawsuit against Dodi Fayed for splitting up with model Kelly Fisher.

Her wackjob feminist lawsuits spread to a slander lawsuit against State Senator John G. Schmitz, and an age discrimination lawsuit against Circuit City. She represented a lawsuit for Mandi Hamlin who was told to take off nipple rings in an airport security checkpoint. Today her clientele is a who's who of scandel-ridden celebrities, from Tiger Woods mistresses to Jodie Foster.

The liberal media is frothing all over an October Surprise against conservative Meg Whitman in California. Front page at Sacramento Bee (the same liberal newspaper that flat out asked Whitman in yesterday's debate why she lies in her campaign ads... no bias there). Yet zero mention of Allred's recent radical history.

Proof that the maid falsified her citizenship here!

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