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Poll: More People Watch Fox News Than Any Other News Media


  • 42% mainly get news from Fox News
  • 81% Fox News is a source for their news, compared with 71% broadcast news, 71% local news, 72% newspapers, 39% blogs, 79% word of mouth, 58% talk radio, 37% political ads
  • 38% approve of Glenn Beck; 32% say Glenn Beck has negative impacts
  • 63% are conservative; 31% call themselves liberal
  • 42% approve of Obamacare; 54% disapprove of Obamacare
  • 51% would vote for Obama rather than Palin; 42% for Palin
  • 57% may vote against Obama in reelections; 38% would vote Obama
  • 49% say GOP would better turn the economy around; 41% say Obama
  • 51% say GOP would better create jobs; 30% say Obama
  • 47% would vote Republican for Congress; 43% would vote Democrat

    You won't see these numbers in the media. If you think the sample is wrong, look at the spread of who voted for Obama and which religions they are, they match America's accepted averages.

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